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2239. Sized deallocation with a trivial destructor

Section:  [expr.delete]     Status: NAD     Submitter: CWG     Date: 2016-03-03

According to [expr.delete] paragraph 10, deletion of an array of a class with both sized and non-sized deallocation functions is not required to call the sized version if the destructor is trivial:

If deallocation function lookup finds both a usual deallocation function with only a pointer parameter and a usual deallocation function with both a pointer parameter and a size parameter, the function to be called is selected as follows:

However, if only a sized deallocation function is specified as a class-specific deallocation function, it is not clear how the size argument is to be determined if the class has a trivial destructor.

Rationale (November, 2016):

The adoption of paper P0035R4 has rendered this issue moot.