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2229. Volatile unnamed bit-fields

Section: 11.4.10  [class.bit]     Status: CD5     Submitter: David Majnemer     Date: 2016-02-08

[Accepted as a DR at the March, 2018 (Jacksonville) meeting.]

According to 11.4.10 [class.bit] paragraph 2, unnamed bit-fields are not members, but there does not appear to be a prohibition against their being declared volatile. Is this intended?

Proposed resolution (November, 2017)

Change 11.4.10 [class.bit] paragraph 2 as follows:

A declaration for a bit-field that omits the identifier declares an unnamed bit-field. Unnamed bit-fields are not members and cannot be initialized. An unnamed bit-field shall not be declared with a cv-qualified type. [Note: An unnamed bit-field is useful for padding...