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2035. Multi-section example is confusing

Section:  [temp.spec.partial.match]     Status: CD3     Submitter: CWG     Date: 2014-11-06

The example in [temp.spec.partial.match] paragraph 2 reads,

  A<int, int, 1>   a1;   // uses #1
  A<int, int*, 1>  a2;   // uses #2, T is int, I is 1
  A<int, char*, 5> a3;   // uses #4, T is char
  A<int, char*, 1> a4;   // uses #5, T1 is int, T2 is char, I is 1
  A<int*, int*, 2> a5;   // ambiguous: matches #3 and #5

However, the referenced numbers are defined two pages earlier, in [temp.spec.partial.general] paragraph 3. This is confusing and should be changed.

Notes from the May, 2015 meeting:

This will be handled editorially; the status has been set to "review" to check that the editorial change has been made.