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202. Use of overloaded function name

Section: 12.3  [over.over]     Status: TC1     Submitter: Steve Clamage     Date: 2 Feb 2000

12.3 [over.over] paragraph 1 contains a supposedly exhaustive list of contexts in which the name of an overloaded function can be used without an argument list ("...shall not be used without arguments in contexts other than those listed"). However, 13.4.3 [temp.arg.nontype] paragraph 5, bullet 4 gives another context: as a template nontype argument.

Suggested resolution: Add the missing case to 12.3 [over.over].

Proposed resolution (10/00):

Add as the final bullet in 12.3 [over.over] paragraph 1:

and adjust the "or" and final period on the preceding two bullets.