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1936. Dependent qualified-ids

Section: 13.8.3  [temp.dep]     Status: CD6     Submitter: Richard Smith     Date: 2014-06-05

[Accepted at the November, 2020 meeting as part of paper P1787R6 and moved to DR at the February, 2021 meeting.]

The resolution of issue 1321 changed the term “dependent name” to apply only to unqualified-ids, presumably on the basis that only unqualified-ids affect the lookup set. However, the rule from [] paragraph 5,

For determining whether two dependent names (13.8.3 [temp.dep]) are equivalent, only the name itself is considered, not the result of name lookup in the context of the template. If multiple declarations of the same function template differ in the result of this name lookup, the result for the first declaration is used.

should apply to non-dependent qualified-ids naming functions called with dependent arguments, as well.

There should also be a statement that the name of a member of an unknown specialization is a dependent name and so should fall under the rules of 13.8.4 [temp.dep.res] and not _N4868_.13.8.4 [temp.nondep].