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1899. Value-dependent constant expressions

Section:  [temp.dep.constexpr]     Status: CD4     Submitter: Richard Smith     Date: 2014-03-22

[Moved to DR at the May, 2015 meeting.] [temp.dep.constexpr] paragraph 1 begins,

Except as described below, a constant expression is value-dependent if...

However, this terminology is misleading, because “constant expression” is now defined in terms of evaluation, and a value-dependent expression cannot be evaluated.

Proposed resolution (November, 2014):

  1. Change [temp.dep.type] paragraph 8 as follows:

  2. A type is dependent if it is

  3. Change [temp.dep.constexpr] paragraph 1 as follows:

  4. Except as described below, a constant an expression used in a context where a constant expression is required is value-dependent if any subexpression is value-dependent.