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1785. Conflicting diagnostic requirements for template definitions

Section: 13.8  [temp.res]     Status: NAD     Submitter: CWG     Date: 2013-09-28

According to 13.8 [temp.res] paragraph 8,

No diagnostic shall be issued for a template for which a valid specialization can be generated.

One sentence later, it says,

If every valid specialization of a variadic template requires an empty template parameter pack, the template is ill-formed, no diagnostic required.

This appears to be a contradiction: in the latter case, there is postulated to exist a “valid” specialization (with an empty pack expansion), for which a diagnostic might or might not be issued. The first quoted sentence, however, forbids issuing a diagnostic for a template that has at least one valid specialization.

Rationale (February, 2017):

The text in question was revised editorially and the issue is now moot.