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1772. __func__ in a lambda body

Section: 7.5.6  [expr.prim.lambda]     Status: C++14     Submitter: Switzerland/Canada     Date: 2013-09-24

N3690 comment CH 5
N3690 comment CA 22

[Moved to DR at the February, 2014 meeting.]

It is not clear whether __func__ in the body of a lambda refers to the operator() of the closure class or to the containing function (if any). Since lambdas can appear in non-function scope, it would be preferable for them to refer to the closure class's operator().

Proposed resolution (September, 2013):

Change 7.5.6 [expr.prim.lambda] paragraph 7 as follows:

The lambda-expression's compound-statement yields the function-body... —end example] Further, a variable __func__ is implicitly defined at the beginning of the compound-statement of the lambda-expression, with semantics as described in 9.5.1 [dcl.fct.def.general].