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173. Constraints on execution character set

Section: 5.3  [lex.charset]     Status: TC1     Submitter: Markus Mauhart     Date: 27 Sep 1999 [locale.ctype.virtuals] paragraph 13 states a constraint on the values of the characters representing the decimal digits in the execution character set:

for any digit character c, the expression (do_narrow( c, dfault)-'0') evaluates to the digit value of the character.
This requirement is not reflected in the description of the execution character set (5.3 [lex.charset] paragraph 3) .

Proposed resolution (10/00):

In 5.3 [lex.charset] paragraph 3, after the sentence

For each basic execution character set, the values of the members shall be non-negative and distinct from one another.
insert the following:
In both the source and execution basic character sets, the value of each character after 0 in the above list of decimal digits shall be one greater than the value of the previous.