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17. Footnote 99 should discuss the naming class when describing members that can be accessed from friends

Section: 11.8.3  [class.access.base]     Status: NAD     Submitter: unknown     Date: unknown

Footnote 98 says:

As specified previously in 11.8 [class.access] , private members of a base class remain inaccessible even to derived classes unless friend declarations within the base class declaration are used to grant access explicitly.
This footnote does not fit with the algorithm provided in 11.8.3 [class.access.base] paragraph 4 because it does not take into account the naming class concept introduced in this paragraph.

(See also paper J16/99-0002 = WG21 N1179.)

Rationale (10/99): The footnote should be read as referring to immediately-derived classes, and is accurate in that context.