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169. template-ids in using-declarations

Section: 9.9  [namespace.udecl]     Status: NAD     Submitter: Valentin Bonnard     Date: 16 Sep 1999

9.9 [namespace.udecl]s ays,

A using-declaration shall not name a template-id.
It is not clear whether this prohibition applies to the entity for which the using-declaration is a synonym or to any name that appears in the using-declaration. For example, is the following code well-formed?
    template <typename T>
    struct base {
	void bar ();

    struct der : base<int>
	using base<int>::bar; // ill-formed ?

Rationale (10/99): 9.9 [namespace.udecl] paragraph 1 says, "A using-declaration introduces a name..." It is the name that is thus introduced that cannot be a template-id.