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1686. Which variables are “explicitly declared const?”

Section: 6.6  []     Status: CD4     Submitter: Daniel Krügler     Date: 2013-05-17

[Moved to DR at the November, 2014 meeting.]

According to 6.6 [] paragraph 3,

A name having namespace scope (6.4.6 [basic.scope.namespace]) has internal linkage if it is the name of

It would be more precise and less confusing if the phrase “explicitly declared const” were replaced by saying that its type is const-qualified. This change would also allow removal of the reference to constexpr, which was added by issue 1112 because constexpr variables are implicitly const-qualified but not covered by the “explicitly declared” phrasing.

Proposed resolution (September, 2013):

Change the second bullet of 6.6 [] paragraph 3 as follows: