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167. Deprecating static functions

Section: _N3225_.D.2  [depr.static]     Status: NAD     Submitter: Darin Adler     Date: 8 Sep 1999

_N3225_.D.2 [depr.static] says that declaring namespace-scope objects as static is deprecated. Declaring namespace-scope functions as static should also be deprecated.

Proposed resolution (10/99): In both [namespace.unnamed] paragraph 2 and _N3225_.D.2 [depr.static] paragraph 1, replace

when declaring objects in a namespace scope
when declaring entities in a namespace scope
In addition, there are a number of locations in the Standard where use of or reference to static should be reconsidered. These include:

Rationale (04/00):

This issue, along with issue 174, has been subsumed by issue 223. Until the committee determines the meaning of deprecation, it does not make sense either to extend or reduce the number of features to which it is applied.