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161. Access to protected nested type

Section: 11.8.5  [class.protected]     Status: TC1     Submitter: Steve Adamczyk     Date: 26 Aug 1999

11.8.5 [class.protected] paragraph 1 begins:

When a friend or a member function of a derived class references a protected nonstatic member of a base class, an access check applies in addition to those described earlier in 11.8 [class.access] .

This was intended to refer to nonstatic member functions and nonstatic data members. However, a protected nested type declared in a base class is, by some definition of the word, a "nonstatic" member, and therefore subject to this additional access check.

Proposed resolution (10/99): change "protected nonstatic member" in the above to "protected nonstatic member function or protected nonstatic data member" to make the intent clear.