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1546. Errors in function template default arguments

Section: 13.10.3  [temp.deduct]     Status: NAD     Submitter: Jason Merrill     Date: 2012-08-27

Given an example like

  template <class T> void f (T, int = T());
  template <class T> auto g(T t) -> decltype (f(t));
  void g(int);

  struct A { A(int); operator int(); };

  int main() {

it seems that since the default argument is treated as a separate template, its ill-formedness causes a hard error, rather than a substitution failure for g. Is this what we want?

Rationale (October, 2012):

CWG felt that this was acceptable; also, there is discussion in EWG regarding changes to the SFINAE rules that could affect this case.