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1440. Acceptable decltype-specifiers used as nested-name-specifiers

Section: _N4567_.5.1.1  [expr.prim.general]     Status: CD3     Submitter: Mike Miller     Date: 2012-01-05

[Moved to DR at the October, 2012 meeting.]

The current wording of the Standard does not describe what happens when a decltype-specifier is used as a nested-name-specifier and the type denoted by the decltype-specifier is neither a class type nor an enumeration type. Such nested-name-specifiers should be prohibited, presumably somewhere around paragraphs 8-10 of _N4567_.5.1.1 [expr.prim.general]. (The corresponding prohibition for named types is handled as part of lookup in 6.5.5 [basic.lookup.qual] paragraph 1.)

Proposed resolution (February, 2012):

Add the following immediately after the grammar in _N4567_.5.1.1 [expr.prim.general] paragraph 8 and move the text following that point into a new paragraph:

The type denoted by a decltype-specifier in a nested-name-specifier shall be a class or enumeration type.

A nested-name-specifier that denotes a class...