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111. Copy constructors and cv-qualifiers

Section:  [class.copy.ctor]     Status: NAD     Submitter: Jack Rouse     Date: 4 May 1999

Jack Rouse: In [class.copy.ctor] paragraph 8, the standard includes the following about the copying of class subobjects in such a constructor:

But there can be multiple copy constructors declared by the user with differing cv-qualifiers on the source parameter. I would assume overload resolution would be used in such cases. If so then the passage above seems insufficient.

Mike Miller: I'm more concerned about [class.copy.ctor] paragraph 7, which lists the situations in which an implicitly-defined copy constructor can render a program ill-formed. Inaccessible and ambiguous copy constructors are listed, but not a copy constructor with a cv-qualification mismatch. These two paragraphs taken together could be read as requiring the calling of a copy constructor with a non-const reference parameter for a const data member.

Proposed Resolution (November, 2006):

This issue is resolved by the proposed resolution for issue 535.

Rationale (August, 2011):

These concerns have been addressed by other changes.