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1062. Syntax of attribute-specifiers in lambdas

Section: 7.5.5  [expr.prim.lambda]     Status: C++11     Submitter: Peter Sommerlad     Date: 2010-03-23

[Voted into the WP at the November, 2010 meeting.]

N3092 comment CH 4

The adoption of paper N3067 at the March, 2010 meeting moved the position of the optional attribute-specifier in a function declarator from immediately following the parameter-declaration-clause to after the exception-specification. However, the grammar in 7.5.5 [expr.prim.lambda] paragraph 1 and the verbal description in paragraph 5 still have the attribute-specifier in a lambda-declarator at its old position. These should be updated to reflect the new function declarator syntax.

Proposed resolution (August, 2010):

  1. Change the grammar in 7.5.5 [expr.prim.lambda] paragraph 1 as follows:

  2. Change 7.5.5 [expr.prim.lambda] paragraph 5 as follows:

  3. ...Any attribute-specifiers appearing immediately after the lambda-expression's parameter-declaration-clause appertain An attribute-specifier in a lambda-declarator appertains to the type of the corresponding function call operator...