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103. Is it extended-namespace-definition or extension-namespace-definition ?

Section: 9.8.4  [namespace.udir]     Status: TC1     Submitter: Herb Sutter     Date: 20 Mar 1999

Section 9.8.4 [namespace.udir] paragraph 3 uses the term extended-namespace-definition three times:

If a namespace is extended by an extended-namespace-definition after a using-directive for that namespace is given, the additional members of the extended namespace and the members of namespaces nominated by using-directives in the extended-namespace-definition can be used after the extended-namespace-definition.
I think the intent is clear, but unfortunately I cannot find any other mention (or definition) of this term.

Mike Miller: True enough; in Section 9.8.2 [namespace.def] [the grammar] it's called an extension-namespace-definition.

Proposed Resolution (10/99): Systematically replace "extended-namespace-definition" by "extension-namespace-definition".